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A lot goes into keeping families safely in their homes…

Be a part of the solution in our community by supporting Serve Wenatchee.

You can make an online donation by clicking on the button below or mail your donation to:

Serve Wenatchee, PO Box 5543, Wenatchee, WA 98807


Eviction Prevention Services

Serve Wenatchee provides rent and utility assistance along with other services like food, diapers, nonfood, furniture and more, to help families and individuals struggling to stay in their homes. Everything provided helps families use their resources for their expenses while still having the access to the things they need most. Serve Wenatchee is donor supported and does not utilize any government funding, which limits assistance to only those who fall within poverty guidelines. Because Serve Wenatchee is supported by local churches, businesses and individuals, we are able to help working families that are struggling but can’t get help anywhere else.

nonfood/Diaper banks

Did you know that low-income families can spend up to 14% of their income on diapers?

Serve Wenatchee helps families who are struggling to pay their rent and other expenses by providing diapers and other household items through our Nonfood/Diaper Banks.

food banks

What is food insecurity?

Families who skip meals to stretch their food and save money to pay their bills are dealing with food insecurity and almost 10% of the people living in Chelan and Douglas Counties struggle with this. Each week, Serve Wenatchee helps families and individuals by providing a variety of high-quality, nutritious options through our Food Banks.

Community Events to support families and individuals

Serve Wenatchee provides a variety of events to support families and remove financial pressure at specific points of time. Our events include: