Our Shared DNA April 2019

Serve Wenatchee Valley’s mission is to serve as a cooperative of the local church and community, being the hands and heart of Jesus Christ, by helping families overcome crisis and stay in their homes. The local church is in our DNA. DNA is defined in Webster’s as “fundamental characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

For 15 years of Serve Wenatchee Valley’s existence, there have been many changing expressions of what we’ve done together. There were days when families were served a meal at the PAC at Thanksgiving time and a season of coordinating Apple Blossom Safety Zones. Changes in what we do are inevitable. How we do it is part of our unchanging DNA that serves as a missional outpost of more than 45 churches in our community. Bottom line, what we do, we do together.

This same DNA imprinting runs through all of us who are part of the body of Christ. Yes, I said it, ALL OF US! 2000 years ago, when Christ suffered and died, was raised from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, we were given this DNA imprinting to live and serve as His body. WE are now the physical representation of God in this generation, in the same way that Jesus was in first century Palestine. Not me or you as an individual, or any single church expression, but all of us together.

Serve Wenatchee Valley is so grateful for your willingness to recognize us as inseparably connected with each of you as we do the work together. As we serve as your missional outpost on Mission St., we commit to upholding the summation of the law that Christ gave in Matthew 22, “To Love God and Love People” and to stay true to our God given DNA which holds us all together.

When we successfully embrace our connectedness in Christ, our community will see what the Church is doing together. They will recognize right here in our community, that we are working together to bring good news to the poor, proclaiming freedom for prisoners, and setting the oppressed free. They will observe our shared DNA that bears witness to its source.

Thom NeesComment