Your Kingdom Come (May 2019)

On Saturday, May 11th we were blessed to partner with the National Association of Letter Carriers, Stamp Out Hunger food drive. Delivering the mail is job enough, but on Saturday, the mail carriers added to their plate (or trucks) the job of collecting food that was put out by residents on their routes. This was no small task.

At Serve Wenatchee, we collected a total of 15,000 lbs of food (6 ½ tons) and the other recipient of their generosity, Community Action Council, collected about the same. That is 15 tons of food given by this generous community and collected/hauled by your mail carrier. If you see them, please thank them.

When Jesus prayed “Your Kingdom to come, and Your will to be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”, do you think that includes providing food for those who need help? Is that, at least in part, the Kingdom work of God? I have to say that I think it is. There is much in Scripture that guides us to respond to the needs of the poor.

If we conclude that it is part of God’s Kingdom work, what does it tell you about the nature of His Kingdom who He works through to accomplish it? I am quite sure that there were followers of Jesus that participated in this work. Some Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Nazarenes, Presbyterians, etc.  I am also sure that many who helped would not identify themselves as followers of Jesus at all.

I think the nature of His Kingdom is so much bigger that we often conclude. And His invitation to participate is not limited by the same boundaries that we tend to define. I am so blessed that Serve Wenatchee is missional outpost that invites our churches and community to be a part of big Kingdom solutions in our community. As we work together, His love for all is revealed, fully open to His work through us.

Thom NeesComment