Connecting families with the help they need so that HOPE becomes contagious!

Connecting families with the help they need … spreading:



evictions prevented this month


families served so far this year


given in October by generous donors who are Making HOPE Contagious


Thank You!

450 families celebrated Thanksgiving in their homes because hundreds of you generously gave of your time and money. This month they have what they need—because of your help.


There are more families each month

Each week, more than 60 families in our own community are faced with similar situations. The help they receive creates a community that is defined by HOPE!


That’s all it takes, on average, to make a difference in people’s lives. When each of us do a little, it amounts to a lot for families in our community that need help to stay in their homes.
It’s so simple.

Partner with Us.

Let’s prevent homelessness in our community by keeping families safely in their homes. Will you help?